Welcome to Cotter’s Tunes

It took me over thirty years to get around to recording these songs. My great friend from
Notre Dame Law School, John Cotter, had encouraged me to do it for decades. I am sure
I never would have done it but for his untimely death.

John and I sang these songs in law school, and for decades thereafter. We sang to
celebrate being Irish, to let off steam and because our friends encouraged us.
Without thinking about it, we sang to celebrate life.

Working on this project for the past year I came to realize that John had taught me a great
deal about how to live a life. Hard work, laughter, tradition, song, community and family were
the foundation of his life. I hope that in reading about John Cotter you will be inspired to
appreciate your many blessings and realize what is truly important in your lives.

Kevin Short, Mahtomedi, Minnesota, 2010


Cotters Tunes